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The 4 best Korean items to shrink your pores - 0 Comments

Everyone has pores. It's natural. However, enlarged and clogged facial pores are a major skin problem that tons of people are suffering from. 

If you are worried about it, attention please. Here are top 4 korean items to minimize pores! 


The 4 best Korean items to shrink your pores 



Caffeine wakes your skin up - 2 Comments



커피, 컵, 맥북, 노트북, 작업, 아침 식사, 침대, 침실, 아침, 컴퓨터, 휴식, 화이트, 홈

Caffeine wakes your skin up 


I start my day with a cup of coffee since caffeine contained in coffee helps me awake and gives the energy to start my work. After lunch, I drink coffee again to prevent daytime sleepiness. I'm sure that coffee is must-have for not only me but also today peop...

New Skin Problem: MASKNE - 0 Comments


마스크, 수술 마스크, 바이러스, 제한 없음, 코로나, 여자, 얼굴, 입, 호흡, 전염병, 발발



Maskne is a combination of the words “Mask” and “Acne”. This is a new skin breakout by COVID-19.

Why does Maskne occur on your skin? One of the main reasons is the friction between face and mask and eventually, it leads your skin to be irritated and stressed out. If you reuse a dirty mas...

Why Collagen is important for skin - 0 Comments


Collagen is the proteins that spread in your body, mainly can be found in bones and skin, cartilage, organs, and hair. Thre are many types of Collagen. Among them, I'll show the five common types: 

Type I: skin, tendon, vasculature, organs, bone (Usually, type 1 is related and effects to your ...

[Back to basic] Simple but Best Moisturizers of Korea - 0 Comments

Hi K-Secret lovers. It's been a while since we met haha

Today I'm really excited because I'll introduce my favorite moisturizers! All of them are quite simple moisturizers focusing on moisturizing mainly. But their hydrating effect and mild texture make my skin look really silky and healthy! 


5 Best COSRX Products for the K-beauty beginner - 0 Comments

COSRX is the trendy K-Beauty brand focusing on skin-friendly, simple ingredients, and cruelty-free products because they put the natural & clean beauty first. Their popularity is growing fast and a lot of K-beauty lovers are being addicted to COSRX now!

Do you want to try COSRX's item but aren't yo...

How To Get Rid of Blackheads with COSRX - 0 Comments
This time we'd like to introduce how to get rid of blackheads with two COSRX items. 
Before starting, see the video below ; P 
Are you suffering from blackheads that continue to occur even if you remove several times?
Not only blackheads but also excess sebum, enlarged pores make you a...
The Three Best Vitamin C Serums that brighten and rejuvenate your skin - 0 Comments

As I wrote at the before post, Vitamin C is a representative antioxidant ingredient helping keep our body healthy and strong. This substance helps reduce irregular skin tone and prevent melanin production that leads to discoloration such as dark spots.





As you learned about Vitam...

Introducing hero ingredients for summer skincare - 0 Comments




When summer comes, our skin changes weirdly. The skin gets stressed and sensitive easily due to intense sunlight and It's hard to use a heavy moisturizer that we use during winter because the hot weather melts thick & oily moisturizer and generates excess sebum. As a result, our s...

What is Low pH and Why should you use a low pH cleanser? - 0 Comments

I'm writing this blog to answer customers' inquiries. Our customers ask often "What is low pH and why is low pH good for skin?", though Low pH is the widely dispersed word among K-beauty lovers. Before answering the questions, you have to know about pH Levels.


<The pH Scale>

According to the ...