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Shower filter soften the water? - 0 Comments

Hello ksecret lovers😍 Now in Korea is getting warmer, Cherry blossom make beautiful scenery.




Today’s topic is .. about shower filter!

Because of hard water, have you experienced dry hair or skin after shower?

Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium tha...

Valentine’s Gift for your love❤ - 0 Comments
Valentine’s Gift for your love❤

Hi K-secret lovers❤ Valentine’s day is just around the corner (Feb 14th).

Are you looking for the perfect valentine’s gift for your love?


Let’s find out!

  1.    Chocolate & Flowers

Never have gone out of style. With chocolate and beautiful flowers, show how sweet your love towards to her😘

[Double Cleansing] Basic steps of the Korean skin care routine! - 0 Comments

Hi, K-SECRET Lovers! 

Happy new year to everyone🎉

Today I’m going to talk about the most basic skin care tips : )


Cleansing our skin at the end of the day is so important. Do you know about double cleansing?

Double cleansing is first step of the Korean skin care.

Step 1

1)     Use an Oil o...

What is Hydrogel? - 1 Comments

What is Hydrogel?


A hydrogel is a network of cross-linked polymer chains that are hydrophilic, sometimes found as a colloidal gel in which water is the dispersion medium. hydrogels are highly absorbent (they can contain over 90% water) natural or synthetic polymeric networks.
(According to W...

New beauty trends by COVID 19 - 0 Comments

 blue hand sanitizer pump bottle

Covid19, a newly discovered coronavirus in 2019, still stays in our life. Since it occurred, it has changed all of our daily lives, including study, work, and eating. People stay at their home longer time and should wear a mask when going out. Naturally, this virus influenced our skincare habits ...

The benefits of sheet mask everyday - 0 Comments


Sheet mask every day or 1 mask a day is the famous K-beauty skincare routine. Many Korean celebrities do ‘sheet mask everyday’ to get clear and flawless skin. This trend spread out around the world as K-Beauty got popular. Today I’d like to talk about the benefits of sheet mask every day for K-...

Simple & Essential 5 Step Skincare Routine - 0 Comments


Hi K-secret lovers, I’d like to introduce 5 Step skincare routine which is perfect for your daily skincare. Lots of my Korean friends including me use this skincare step on a daily basis. This step is simpler than 10 step care however in respect of daily care, it’s exemplary steps making healthy ...

Why is Retinol good for anti aging - 0 Comments

white drop bottle on white surface


Retinol, also known as Vitamin A, is a representative cosmetic ingredient good for diminishing wrinkles. According to the article of Harvard Health Publishing, it was used as an acne treatment in the 1970s, but researchers later discovered that it also fades actinic keratosis spots, evens pigme...

Hyaluronic Acid: A natural ingredient gives you supple skin. - 0 Comments


물 한 방울, 물, 매릴랜드 주, 액체, 신선한, 스플래쉬, 푸른 물



Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is a substance that exists naturally in the human body. This is the hydrophile property and the main role is maintaining moisture in your skin. Hyaluronic acid absorbs moisture around it like a sponge, preventing moisture loss.

That is, this in...

Popular makeup products that Korean women love - 0 Comments


woman getting lips applied with lipstick


Popular makeup products that Korean women love



APRILSKIN Magic Snow Cushion 3.0


This is the famous foundation cushion as a perfect cover cushion in Korea. With its reasonable price and flawless coverage effect, young Korean women love this product. The 45% moisture serum base pr...