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Which is better? chemical sunblock or physical sunblock?


The weather is getting hotter and hotter, sunblock has become a must-have product to protect skin from UV rays.

Even on cloudy days, our skin is exposure to UV rays which can lead to skin care, discoloration, and wrinkles


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Did you know there are different types of sunblocks?

If you already know about it, Do you know the difference between chemical sunblock and physical sunblock?


Let’s find out which sunblock is suitable for your skin!

Physical sunblock contains mineral ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that sits on the surface of the skin and reflect the UV rays.

Chemical sunblock absorbs into the skin and absorbs US rays, converts the rays into heat and releases them from the body.


There are pros and cons to both types of sunblock

Physical sunblock

Pros : It has a wide range of UV protection and less irritating, so it fits well for sensitive skin

Cons :It may have white cast and difficult to fully blend into the skin


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Chemical sunblock

Pros : It spreads on the skin like a lotion so it’s quick and easy to apply

Cons : Absorbs deeper into skin so it can cause allergic reaction in people with sensitive skin.



Today, we talked about physical sunblock and chemical sunblock. Compare each of the pros and cons and use sunscreen that suits your skin.

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