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3 ways to replenish skin’s moisture

To maintain healthy skin, you need to balance of skin water & oil. Lacking either oil or water causes skin to look dull, over produce oil and accelerate the sings of aging like wrinkle and fine lines. Moisture is first priority to maintain the overall skin health. It is an essential component that keeps our skin cells hydrated and healthy from the inside out.

We think we take care of our skin every day, but there are some missing steps to prevent our skin dry and dull. So, how can we rehydrate our skin? Here are 3 ways to hydrate your skin simple but effective.

1. Drink water

Water is essential for your health. It helps not only our body stay hydrated and healthy but also keeps our metabolism healthy. The amazing thing about water is that it keeps skin cells moist, reducing skin dryness. Therefore, drinking water regularly helps restore the lost moisture in the skin.


2. Use right products for your skin.

Now you know the importance of moisturizing your skin. However. if you don't use the right products suitable for your skin type to replenish moisture, your skin's oil & water balance might be damaged and it can lead to worse results.



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3. Seize your “GOLDEN TIME”

Bedtime is a "golden time" to take care of your tired skin during the day. It is the only time for the skin to breathe and not touch or disturb for 7-8 hours. Properly cleanse your skin before bed to remove makeup and impurities. If you don't cleanse your skin, the impurities during the day will clog your pore and cause the pimples, dead skin cells with make you skin look dull and tire.

Apply basic skincare products to clean skin and add night care products to protect your skin from dryness during the night. Target '10pm to 2am' the golden time for collagen production to make your skin elastic and healthy.


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Today we talked about the importance of skin moisture. Find the right product for each skin type and keep your shine and healthy.