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New beauty trends by COVID 19


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Covid19, a newly discovered coronavirus in 2019, still stays in our life. Since it occurred, it has changed all of our daily lives, including study, work, and eating. People stay at their home longer time and should wear a mask when going out. Naturally, this virus influenced our skincare habits as well. 


Three new skincare trends by COVID 19

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1. Calming Skin

Maskne, a combination of the words “Mask” and “Acne”, is a new skin problem. Why does Maskne occur on your skin? One of the main reasons is the friction between face and mask and eventually, it leads your skin to be irritated and stressed out. To calm irritated skin and prevent Maskne, calming skincare became essential. One of the easiest ways of calming skin is applying toner. Mild and gentle toner soothes sensitized skin with deep hydration.

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2.  Pore Care

The damp and hot environment under the mask makes your pores enlarged and loose. The friction between face and mask and high humidity build up sebum and skin waste. To control excess sebum and get rid of blackheads, pore care products is being spotlighted. A bubble cleanser or bubble mask that gently controls pores will be a good choice for your enlarged pores.

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3. Foundation Free

Everyone probably has experienced the mask stained with foundation. People started to enjoy foundation free makeup because heavy makeup causes skin irritation easily and makes skin feel stifled. Lightweight tone-up cream and tinted sunblock, featuring natural shade, get popular as its alternatives.

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