1. Wash your face with tepid water

2. Foam up the soap with hands

3. Gently massage your face

4. Rinse out with tepid water completely


1.Shake it gently before use to disperse the deposited calamine powder

2.wipe it according to the texture of the skin by putting on a cotton swab. Or take on a suitable amount to your hands and absorb it gently on your skin.


1. Put a proper amount of cream into your hands

2. Apply cream on your face

3. Dap your face to make absorb well


1. Put a proper amount of sunblock into your hands

2. Apply sunblock on your face or body

3. Feel bright and lightweight skin


Step 1 : With Aha. Bha. Pha Secret Cleanser, Wash your face with warm water. It gets rid of makeup residue and impurities well.

Step 2 : At the first step of skincare, Soak a cotton pad with Aha, Bha, Pha Secret Toner and wipe off skin. It exfoliates softly while controlling sebum & pore.

Step 3 : Take 2 - 3 drops on your face and tap until fully absorbed. Aha, Bha, Pha Secret Serum calms skin troubles and rebuilds skin barrier.

Step 4 : At the last step of your skincare, apply Aha, Bha, Pha Secret Cream on your face evenly. This cream is designed to moisturize and repair skin.